Recent Shows

Hey Yah House Shows – May 2019

I had the opportunity to participate in the Hey Yah House show series in May of 2019. This was the last installment in the series of the year. Hey Yah House shows started as a series of house shows where Ryan and Angelica Hay, who make up the musical act Pink Sky and who art both artists in their own right, would bring in musicians and artists into their home in groups that fit stylistically for shows on the last Friday of every month during the summer. There were 5 shows in 2018 and 3 in 2019.

The May 2019 Hey Yah House Show featured performances by Silent Spirit and Pink Sky and featured artwork by myself as well as a projection installation by STRT/SLCT.

Get Board” at Ferris Coffee

During the month of March 2018, I had the opportunity to show a few of the Collaborative Art Boards at the downtown Grand Rapids location. I displayed the following three artworks: 

• “Eels and Escalators” – Kacie Forbes, Jeen Na, Alexander Twaddle, Ben Schumitz – 2018

• “Run the Pizza” – Alexander Twaddle, Kacie Forbes, Jenna Simmons, Justin Lynk, Kyle Brand, Bryan Kosciolek, Jackson Ezinga, Jeen Na, Ben Schumitz – 2017

• “WOWMOM (A Very Rare Diptych)” Adam Zonca, Kacie Forbes, Alexander Twaddle, Ben Schumitz – 2017

Displaying WOWMOM was cool as I had the opportunity to display the piece as the diptych while Eels and Escalators took up a larger space on an opposing wall. Run the Pizza was displayed on the ground near some other seating as it was slightly too heavy for hanging equipment. 

The artwork was on display for the entire month of March and then on the final Saturday, the day of de-install, we held a collaborative board event titled “Get Board“. The event allowed for a larger audience than normal to come and collaborate in the usual process of creation of the boards. That being said, as this collaboration was happening inside Ferris Coffee’s shop, we limited it to markers rather than paint. There were two surfaces that could be contributed to, and of the two, only one was filled completely. The surface that was completely filled became the 24th Collaborative Art Board which was titled after the event.