Variation Series

This series started as me wanting to make a limited run of 8 prints with 3 layers each but it turned into me making 8 unique prints. I kept messing up the registration of the prints and so I, rather than throwing them out or scrapping them, decided to doodle over each and make them all their own pieces.

Growler Experiment

This was my first experience printing with enamel on glass. I decided to use basic pattern elements to abstract the visual aspects of beer. The waves are the liquid, the dots are the carbonation and the circles are the foam.

The 1-10 Series

This series was my way of learning how to screenprint. I had tried screenprinting in one other way before this series as an attempt to turn a couple of my drawings into prints. When separating the drawings into layers became too difficult, I – with the guidance of my friend – set about doing the reverse and building from one layer up. But to make it interesting, for each new layer added to the competition, I set one of each layer aside. So by the end, I had ten different prints, one for each layer.